My musings for Monday.

I believe it was my last post where I had said I have a Sir and my heart had a home. That’s still very much true. In fact, things are beyond great. He and I both have grown. Quite a lot, in fact. I thought I was content and open, but nope. Not then I wasn’t, but I am now.

The experiences I’ve had recently have been very amazing. I think we’ve learned a lot, and I’m glad for every second.

I hope my friends who are single find happiness, like I have.

I had every intention of making this post a little erotic, but clearly, that didn’t happen. I’m sure, somewhere, there are some.

Luna out. 😘


Life is looking up.

Well, people have always told me that if you think positively, good things will come. It never really rang true for me……… until just recently. I’m a happy human because I feel like I finally understand what people meant when they say their heart has found a home. It’s a great feeling, and it’s about damn time, too.

The other day, I had to have my second go-around with getting my blood tested. Don’t worry your pretty heads. I’m fine. But after that, my sister took me to the mall and, just casually I said I was looking for some Harry Potter stuff. She asked if I was looking for anything specific, and I told her I was looking for a niffler. We found one, unbeknownst to me, and it was bought. I also was given a hermione wand, which was a mystery wand and it’s a dicast wand, which is a fancy term for “metal.” And then, my sister bought me 2 action figures that are Haggrid and Malfoy. Weird combination, I know.

That’s about it. I’m quite happy with how things are going, and I hope they continue to stay the same.

Luna out. 😘 app review.

So I’m sure, that unless you like audio streaming, you won’t be interested in this, but I figured I’d post this for those who care.

About a month or so ago, I was perusing Facebook and I saw an app called being talked about. At first I was hesitant to download it, cause we all know what happens when I download whatever chat app is the sh!t that day. But I downloaded it after awhile and I’m so glad I did.

I really love the app. It’s an audio-streaming service, but you can interact via text if you so choose when someone is streaming. The developers even come and join the stream, and every so often, they’ll do little community updates and product updates, too, where you can submit your feedback and such. They actually listen to you, which, in my experience, isn’t so common anymore.

You have to log in using Facebook, there isn’t, at this moment, a private message feature and sometimes weird things happen with streams. But it’s a new app, so what do you expect?

The app is free, and is currently only for iOS users. I highly recommend this app to those who want an audio periscope. And yes, inviting speakers to join you actually works with voiceover, unlike with periscope. Also, the developers are very good with accessibility concerns. I give it ***** in the App Store.

So there’s my blog post for this time.

Luna out. 😘

Facebook Lite is a joke.

So I was looking for a Facebook beta for iOS cause I like to test things sometimes. However it doesn’t exist. But I did find a Facebook Lite, from the developers of Facebook. I thought it was gonna be a great app, that it would be accessible with voiceover and that I’d be able to delete the Facebook app and go on my marry way.

Spoiler!!!! I can’t. It’s completely inaccessable with voiceover. Voiceover does absolutely nothing when you open the app.

I sent an email to the developers explaining that I’d like to use this app because it is not as much of a space hog, it’s not a data hog, and apparently not a battery hog. I then told them this app didn’t work with voiceover and as someone who is a voiceover user it’s frustrating.

It’s frustrating when an app such as Facebook Lite isn’t accessible, because facebook is all about accessability, so they say.

I hope they will see my email and make changes to the beta so the blind people of the world can use it.

Here’s to hoping I guess.

Luna out. 😘


So I saw this Wicked Wednesday prompt is “twisted”, and since I’ve kinda been on a writing prompt hunt, here goes nothing. *many deep breaths*

2 years ago, I realized I was, shall we say, different? Ok, we’ll use that word. Most people who know me know the how and why. But, when I discovered this about myself, I tried (as I think most do) to hide myself and just forget. Yeah, that always works, right?

So, after awhile I started doing research. I was a bit nervous cause well, I’m a naturally anxious person, and I didn’t want a vanilla reading or somehow seeing what I was doing. I know a few of my kinks, and they’re pretty tame, but I’m sure to a vanilla, they’re not. I always worry about people thinking I’m a weirdo, twisted, a freak etc. which in some ways, I am. I’m not a normal submissive by any means, and for the most part, I’m cool with it. I still have my days, especially when I’m told, that because I’m only wanting online, cause ya know, you can’t feel connections through a keyboard, and feelings aren’t real online. Please, people. Just… stop.

Anyways, enough of my snarkiness. I’m twisted, perhaps, and that’s ok by me.

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

If I can help one person……

So………. I’ve been in the BDSM lifestyle for 2 years, and I learn everyday. I like to help people learn things, too. I feel like I’ve made a difference, even if it’s a small one. When someone tells me “Thanks for your help”, it makes me happy and gives me the warm fuzzies. It doesn’t happen much, but when it does, it’s pretty damn great.

I don’t claim to have the answers to everything, but I try.

I’ve been helped by people in this wonderful community, and I hope, in one tiny way, that I’ve helped one person.

Ok. I’m signing out.

Luna out. 😘

Back again.

Hey. I used to be ALittleSass1992. I got tired of the crazies who were constantly posting nonsense, and I just had enough.

I’m trying to add this blog to Tumblr but naturally tumblr is being difficult. They said they’d sent me a magic link so I could log in but I got naughta.

So anyway, follow me if you wanna see my life unfold.